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Small Square stud earrings - brass gold plated

Small Square stud earrings - brass gold plated

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Small squares gold studs are handmade from brass, with sterling silver ear pins and butterflies.

Natasha Collins is a contemporary Jewellery designer who lives and works in Cape Town. She holds global aspirations and draws inspiration from a variety of cultures. Jewellery making channels her passion for life, art, design and all things that make her smile!

Presently Natasha is working out of her home studio and hand works every piece of Jewellery that is formed. The nature of the hands on process ensures that no two pieces are identical. Each piece has its own story to tell, a time capsule of beauty, complexity and depth.

Cleaning Handmade Brass Jewellery 

Brass Jewellery can easily be cleaned and its natural lustre restored using various methods, some listed below.

  • A mixture of lemon juice and salt. Add enough salt so that it does not dissolve in the lemon juice. Wash the brass with soap and water when it is shiny and dry thoroughly with soft tissue paper or a microfibre cloth.
  • A generic brass cleaner and a microfibre cloth or
  • A standard Jewellery polishing cloth (used to clean silver and or gold)

 Brass Jewellery health and wellness benefits

Brass is an alloy composed of Copper and Zinc. Usually a ratio of 63% copper and 37% Zinc. Brass is thought to have metaphysical healing properties that enhance your immune system and empower you.

It is though that Brass is a material that embodies the true individual you’re meant to be because it harnesses the energy of the person wearing it, alchemy.

Both Copper and Zinc are essential for the functioning of your body.

Brass Supports

  • Bones
  • Blood vessels
  • Immune function
  • Iron absorption
  • Immune system 
  • Accelerate wound healing
  • Immune function

       Brass Reduces

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Inflammation
  • Age-related diseases 
  • Acne

Brass is a perfect alloy to be used for handmade Jewellery because of its unique properties, which include corrosion resistance.

General Jewellery Guide

Our Jewellery is handmade with great care and we ask that you take optimal care of all precious jewellery in turn to ensure optimal longevity of your Jewellery.

Avoid direct contact with water and chemical products e.g. soap, perfume, abrasive products.

  • Avoid impact with hard surfaces.
  • Protect Jewellery from moisture and keep away from all sources of heat such as radiators and windows.
  • Do not wear jewellery when in the swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna/steam room or while bathing or showering.
  • Chlorine, detergents, oils & perfumes can all cause tarnishing & damage.
  • Remove jewellery when doing household tasks.
  • Always put your jewellery on last as a finishing touch after getting ready.
  • Moisture can cause tarnishing & may weaken springs and clasps.
  • Coil chains gently to prevent damage in storage.
  • Avoid impact with hard surfaces.
  • Clean Jewellery with a moist cloth to polish it.
  • Your jewellery is the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.