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Gerry 58cm hat - Ivory

Gerry 58cm hat - Ivory

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The stylish Gerry Fedora is lightweight and functional. The 2 layers of vegan suede braid around the crown and stitched ribbon loop add a unique edge to this comfortable women's sun hat. The bright designs are colourfast, so will not fade. This versatile travel-friendly Fedora will be ideal for your next city trip, mountain hike or just enjoying a long summer's day.

    • UPF50+ Certified UV Protection. CANSA SunSmart Choice™ Endorsement.

    • Size: M/L - 58 cm

    • Crown height: 9,5 cm

    • Brim size: 7,5 cm

    • Flexibraid material: Maintains its shape, colourfast

    • Hand washable. Crush-resistant

    • Internal Comfy-Fit elastic clip size adjustment for the perfect fit

  • How To Measure Your Head: You can measure your head size with a soft tape measure or piece of ribbon/string. Place the ribbon, string or tape around your head just above your ears, about mid-forehead. You should hold it firmly, but not too tight! It should feel as comfortable as you would want it to feel when you wear the hat. Mark the soft tape measure with a pencil, and you'll see which size is best for you. Or tie a little knot in the ribbon or string and measure the length in centimeters.

    Basic Size Guidelines: Most women’s hats are a 58 cm size. Some women however prefer a 61 cm size, depending on head size or hair style. Men’s hats are generally a 61 cm size, however some men wear a 58 cm size, it all depends on your preference and how the hat feels on your head, some like a loose fit some prefer a tighter fit. If your measurement falls between a size, round it up to the next largest size so that you are guaranteed of a comfortable fit that you can just adjust if you need to.